• The village electrification program is an integral part of total power sector development program in order to provide basic necessities to the people of Pakistan. As a part of the program 8995 villages were electrified from 2012-2013 throughout Pakistan.
  • Households are the largest consumers of electricity in Pakistan as they consume 46.5% of the electricity produced followed by Industrial and Agriculture sectors, which consume about 27.5% and 11.6% respectively.
  • Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) has allowed for large number of Solar Panels to private sector companies for generation of 54.77MW of energy in the Country.
  • Out of 125,000 villages in Pakistan, around 95,000 have been electrified and some 30 million inhabitants living in 30,000 villages still have no access to electricity.

“Buksh Foundation’s article’ Finance, light and water: Buksh Foundation partners Pakistan’s way forward’ has been published in Asia Pacific Newsletter-WSBI-ESBG June 2014.

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