• The village electrification program is an integral part of total power sector development program in order to provide basic necessities to the people of Pakistan. As a part of the program 8995 villages were electrified from 2012-2013 throughout Pakistan.
  • Households are the largest consumers of electricity in Pakistan as they consume 46.5% of the electricity produced followed by Industrial and Agriculture sectors, which consume about 27.5% and 11.6% respectively.
  • Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) has allowed for large number of Solar Panels to private sector companies for generation of 54.77MW of energy in the Country.
  • Out of 125,000 villages in Pakistan, around 95,000 have been electrified and some 30 million inhabitants living in 30,000 villages still have no access to electricity.

Journey towards Light 2


With one million lanterns we can reduce 1.5 million tons of CO2 produced and save around Rs. 25 Billion and reduce Pakistan’s oil imports by 6% per year

On September 29, 2012, Buksh Foundation formally launched its project 'Lighting a Million Lives' through providing solar energy to 2 villagesof Chak 113 and 117, Jinnah Abadi in the district of Sahiwal. The total population of 800 individuals had earlier been surviving through critical lifestyle, with minimal facilities and ever increasing hardships.

For this population, like similar 40,000 villages in Pakistan, life started and ended with the daylight, with a very low literacy rate and poor school attendance. These solar lanterns have come as blessings for them. The impact created immense emotional attachment towards the residents of the village for Buksh Foundation team, as the warmth and love received from the villagers was pure and strong.

Sakina Bibi, mother of 5 and the first LaML Entrepreneur proudly tells her tale of independence and journey through darkness to that of light and hope in the following words:

"My husband works in the fields and we did not have access to electricity with the kerosene oil so expensive and candles tedious, our lives basically ended at sunset. My husband would return from fields early in the evening and the kids settled themselves in doors, while I had to finish off all my tasks before it got too dark. But since the arrival of these solar lanterns things have become much easier. I distribute these lanterns to the entire village lighten up their houses as well as my own. People have started calling me "the lady with the light" and now I, myself earn a fair living for my entire family."